Family Service Project- Adults and youth working together! by Kelly Noftz

Following Project Cornerstone’s 6 week Take It Personally study group at Eisenhower Elementary School, 5 families decide to continue their asset building by scheduling a Family Service project to join forces as asset builders for their own kids, for each other’s kids and for the larger community. Prior to a potluck dinner “meeting”, the Service Project Champion of the group researched options at:

She chose the following ideas to present to the group:

Environment: Habitat restoration:

Packaging food at Tri-city volunteers food bank:

Make a difference to seniors near you:

The group decided to go with the Food Bank option and scheduled a weekend Service Project for their families.  Here is a link to a short video clip to get a sense of what it is like.


Does this inspire you? Let us know how you extend your family asset building to impact the larger community by sending your story to:

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