Building Healthy Relationships by Kelly Noftz Part 3

Take TIME to build TRUST by sharing positive experiences and conversations TOGETHER.
The Chat Pack for Kids (visit is a fun collection of conversation starters designed with youth in mind.
Here are a few topic cards from The Chat Pack for Kids to get you started on your investment in building trust in your relationship with youth:

If you could personally see the largest, longest or highest of anything in the world, what would you want to see most of all?
What particular aspect of being an adult are you looking forward to the most?
What particular aspect of being a kid do you think most adults miss the most?
What is something that you have done only one time in your life that you can’t wait to do a second time?
Which musical instrument do you think would best describe your personality?
What is something you and your parents could do together that would make mealtime more exciting for everyone?
What is one thing that you are pretty certain you will be very good at when you are an adult?
If you could get everyone in the world to stop complaining about one particular thing, what would it be?
If you had the ability to do something that only an animal can do, what animal “skill” would you want to have?
If you could sleep in a different place each night for a week, what seven places would you select ? (The locations can be anywhere in the world!) What big dream or dreams do you have right now that you would like to see come true someday?

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