BULLY – Documentary Film – Special Screening 4/28/12

By Lori Maitski, ABC Coordinator

Last night I went to see the movie, BULLY. This is a powerful movie. It was devastating to view the loss, the anger, the sorrow, and the hopelessness.
BULLY is an emotional look inside the lives of families devastated by bullying. It is heartbreaking. Seeing the struggle of how the different communities deal with bullying made me angry. Angry at the denial that it was happening in their schools and communities. Angry at their lack of knowledge of what to do to change what was happening. Angry that the children featured had to suffer this on a daily basis.
Help us prevent this from happening to our children.

Talk with young people. Educate yourself on what you can do. Click on the movie’s website to find toolkits: http://thebullyproject.com/indexflash.html

Stand up if you see or hear bullying. Get involved with schools. Volunteer as an Asset Building Champion Reader in elementary schools. Partner with your local school to build assets. Support our youth. See this movie.
Several theatres in our area are showing BULLY. Project Cornerstone is sponsoring a special screening at the Camera 7 at the Pruneyard on Saturday, April 28th at 11:00 a.m. In partnership with Comedy Sportz there will be opportunities for debriefing and strategizing after the screening. Bring your thirteen or older young adult. Bring your friend. Bring your tissues.
One person can make a difference.

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