By Linda Silvius
Doesn’t this sound like the perfect school for all of our children?

“Teachers here encourage children to play, to imagine and to
explore what they are curious about, which is what they
should do at this age. They also value each child’s unique
personality, unlike other kindergartens where most of the
emphasis is on imparting information in preparation for
primary school.”

This was in an article entitled “Educating the Whole Child”,
in the June 23rd edition of China Daily. I was recently on
vacation in China and read the above article one morning in
Beijing over a cup of tea. It seems Waldorf schools are popping
up throughout China. Waldorf schools “emphasize an approach
to education that is interdisciplinary learning and creative
thinking, and aims to develop a child into a free spirited,
morally responsible and integrated individual.”

Imagine the world they will grow up to help create!!!

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