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Silicon Valley Asset-a-Month Calendar

Welcome to the Silicon Valley Asset-a-Month Calendar! Each month, a resource kit will be released containing newsletter content, discussion topics, and activities to support asset building by parents, teachers, and other adults as well as youth-serving programs.

Do you have suggestions for content or activities for upcoming months? Do you have suggestions for content or activities for upcoming months? Please let us know at 408-351-6482 or by email at info@projectcornerstone.org.


January: Adult Role Models
Asset #14: Parent(s) and other adults model positive, responsible behavior.
Click here to view the Adult Role Models resource kit (113K PDF).

February: Youth as Resources
Asset #8: Young people are given useful roles in the community.
Click here to view the Youth as Resources resource kit (109K PDF).

March: Creative Activities
Asset #17: Youth spends three or more hours per week in lessons or practice in music, theater, or other arts.
Click here to view the Creative Activities resource kit (140K PDF).

April: Service to Others
Asset #9: Young person serves in the community one hour or more per week.
Click here to view the Service to Others resource kit (196K PDF).

May: Youth Programs
Asset #18: Young person spends three or more hours per week in sports, clubs, or organization at school and/or in community organizations.
Click here to view the Youth Programs resource kit (105K PDF).

June: Safety
Asset #10: Young person feels safe at home, at school, and in the neighborhood.
Click here to view the Safety resource kit (102K PDF).

July: Community Values Youth
Asset #7: Young person perceives that adults in the community value children and youth.
Click here to view the Community Values Youth resource kit (102K PDF).

August: Caring Neighborhood
Asset #4: Young person experiences caring neighbors.
Click here to view the Caring Neighborhood resource kit (104K PDF).

September: Parent Involvement in Schooling
Asset #6: Parent(s) are actively engaged in helping young person succeed in school.
Click here to view the Parent Involvement in Schooling resource kit (108K PDF).

October: Positive Family Communication
Asset #2: Young person and her or his parent(s) communicate positively, and young person is willing to seek advice and counsel from parent(s).
Click here to view the Positive Family Communication resource kit (111K PDF).

November: Positive Cultural Identity
Asset #41: Young person feels comfortable with and proud of her/his identity, including but not limited to disabilities, ethnicity, faith/religion, family status, gender, language, and sexual orientation.
Click here to view the Positive Cultural Identity resource kit (104K PDF).

December: Family Support
Asset #1: Family life provides high levels of love and support.
Click here to view the Family Support resource kit (104K PDF).

About the Asset-a-Month Program
The Asset-a-Month program is an initiative of the Project Cornerstone public policy team, which contains representatives from local governments, agencies, and youth-serving organizations. For more information about the Santa Clara County Asset-a-Month program or Project Cornerstone's public policy team, contact Anne Ehresman, executive director, at 408-351-6424 or anne@projectcornerstone.org.

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