Asset Building in 10 Seconds or Less by Lori Maitski

Building assets is the accumulation of thousands of moments in life in which a young person is valued, respected and known. Moments take seconds. Here are 10 ways to connect with young people and adults:

1 second          Smile
2 seconds        Smile and make eye contact
3 seconds        Smile, make eye contact, stand tall, and wave
4 seconds        Greet the person: Say Hi, Hello, Hola, Good to see  you, Good morning…
5 seconds        Introduce yourself: “My name is ____,” “What’s yours?” Shake hands
6 seconds        Ask: “How’s it going?” “What’s new?”
7 seconds        Laugh together and share a joke or funny story.
8 seconds        Just be nice. Give someone a compliment.
9 seconds        Ask a question, What do you like to do?
10 seconds      Shine the light on someone doing something right.  Notice, name and       celebrate a positive action.

Developmental assets are experiences, values, relationships, opportunities and competencies. Don’t let the seconds pass you by. It only takes one second to make a difference and build connection, belonging, and support.

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