When does 1+1+1=5 ? by Kelly Noftz

When youth experience frequent, consistent, redundant messages from asset builders, the total sum of these experiences provides exponentially greater results for youth!

Project Cornerstone works to engage students, staff, and parents as asset builders in our schools. Increase the impact of asset building efforts in your school community by engaging as many people, in as many positive roles, as possible!

Look to “Add” to your school’s asset building by “Multiplying” your efforts to connect youth with staff, parents and peers.

Here’s how this new “Math” might “Factor” in your school community:

We are currently engaging our parent community as asset builders in ABC Readers. Great. Using asset building “Math”, let’s invite youth to build assets in the Expect Respect student training!  Then, “Add” another asset building option: Our Yard Duty staff would like to learn the ABC Language we teach kids. Let’s have Yard Duty training, too! That’s “Multiplying” our impact on campus!

We have had the student training, Expect Respect. Our staff is on board with building assets, and our parents read as part of Los Dichos de la Casa or ABC. Still, these seem like separate programs at our school. Using asset building “Math”, let’s integrate these programs and “Multiply” the effect for kids! Our Los Dichos/ABC readers can join the Expect Respect student group to help with Action Plans. The staff person in charge of the student group will be grateful for the extra hands and hearts! Los Dichos/ABC readers can also plan their time at school to be near recess or lunch and volunteer to be out on the yard to engage kids in activities to compliment the efforts of the Yard Duty. This is the magical “Multiplying” effect of asset builders!

We have a small, dedicated group of parent leaders but want to reach more of our parent community. Use your school’s communication systems (newsletters, website, posters, PTA meetings, phone calls) to invite parents to a Parent Education Night to learn the basics of asset building. Project Cornerstone has a menu of hot topics that will interest your parent community! Use a Parent Education Night to recruit ABC/Los Dichos Readers and Yard Duty or Fun-visors to be with kids at recess and lunch. Expand your asset building team to positively influence more kids!

Contact Project Cornerstone at info@ProjectCornerstone.org to share your ideas for “Multiplying” asset building efforts at your school!

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