Halloween- A purrr-fect time to connect with kids and build assets!

Tips from Soma McCandless, Project Cornerstone School Support Specialist

Halloween is right around the corner.
Getting candy is only part of the fun for kids.
They love it all!
The costumes, the decorations, the parties, and the parades …

What can you do to build assets at Halloween?

• Spend time with your kids and their friends to put up the Halloween decorations.
• Let kids work together to design their own costume!
• Volunteer at a school Halloween party and go watch the school Halloween parade
• Participate in Operation Gratitude’s effort to donate candy to the Troops.
o It’s a great service opportunity. Kids donate their extra candy to the troops.
o Get your kids, neighbors, friends, or classrooms involved
o Take candy to a location near you: http://www.halloweencandybuyback.com/
• 4th of July is not the only time for a block party. Set up a Halloween party in your driveway for the neighborhood kids. Its fun, cheap, and easy. Let kids plan the party. Ideas include:
o Bobbing for apples
o Pie eating contest
o Pumpkin carving
o Carmel apple making
• Stay home on Halloween night to welcome trick-or-treaters!
o Greet the kids you know by name
o Notice costumes and ask questions

One Asset Bulider’s Halloween Story: Leah-Age 28
A few years ago Leah bought a home in Silicon Valley.
She spent many hours gardening in her yard.
As she did, she got to know the kids in the neighborhood.
She started by just learning their names.
When Halloween rolled around, she was invited to a Halloween party by her friends. It was sure to be a blast!
She was tempted but Leah decided to stay home. She knew about asset building and she wanted to do it intentionally!
She stayed home and greeted every child or group of children that came to the door that night.
She used the names of the children she knew.
She commented on costumes.
As she did, she noticed the kids stand up a little taller and a little prouder and start to beam because someone had noticed them.
After hearing Leah’s story, Kelly, another great asset builder, decided to return home from a trip a few hours early so that she could be there to open her door to the children of her neighborhood.

What can we learn from Leah?

Like Leah, when you see a great costume:
Notice it! (Wow! I love your hair.)
Name it! (Are you Lady Gaga?)
Celebrate it! (What a creative outfit!)

Here are just some of the assets you can build at Halloween:
#1 Family Support
#3 Other Adult Relationships
#4 Caring Neighborhood
#5 Caring School Climate
#7 Community Values Youth
#8 Youth as Resources
#10 Safety
#14 Adult Role Models
#20 Time at Home
#26 Caring
#30 Responsibility
#31 Healthy Lifestyle
#32 Planning and Decision Making
#38 Self-esteem

For more great ideas for building assets on Halloween check out these tips from The Asset Edge.

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