Santa Clara County Developmental Asset Survey

By Linda Silvius, Director of School Partnerships

For the ABC Lead Meetings last week, Lori Maitski asked if I would be a part of the agenda and share some of the “big picture” items from the 2011 Santa Clara County developmental asset survey. The things that seemed important to share are as follows:

• Many of the surveyed students in middle and high school  (7th, 9th and 11th grade) had been involved with either the ABC program or Los Dichos in their elementary school years. The 11th graders have been involved since 4th grade, 9th graders since their second grade year, and our 7th graders started in kindergarten.
• Keeping that in mind, the results for our secondary students should be no surprise:
37 of the 40 assets increased
5 of the 8 thriving behaviors increased
23 of the 24 risk behaviors decreased

• With our 4th and 5th grade students, the following seem important:
19 of the 40 assets for elementary children increased, 13 of
which were Internal Assets;
6 of the 7 thriving behaviors increased. There was a 5% increase in “coping skills” – a critical life skill;
All 6 of the risk behaviors decreased – the most dramatic of which
was “sadness” – dropping from 53% to 34% – a drop of 19%!!

There is much to celebrate with this data – and there is good reason to recommit to this important work!!

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