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Project Cornerstone

Eight Keys to Thriving Youth

Everyone agrees that it’s important for kids and teens to thrive. But what does thriving really mean? One way to think about thriving is whether a young person agrees with the statements at the left side of the table. Each statement is linked to a “key to thriving,” which represents a developmental asset category.

Click a key to thriving to read a PDF containing tips and strategies to help families build and strengthen each of these keys to thriving.

What young person feels

Key to thriving

I mean something to the people in my world.


I make a difference in the world.


I know what’s expected of me and what behaviors are “in bounds” and “out of bounds.”

Boundaries and Expectations

I have balance in my life between activities that challenge me and activities that refresh me.

Constructive Use of Time

I like to learn new things.

Commitment to Learning

I try my best to “do the right thing,” and I believe it’s important to help others.

Positive Values

I know how to make good choices and build positive relationships.

Social Competencies

I feel good about myself and I have a bright future.

Positive Identity

To help kids and teens thrive, use every interaction with young people as an opportunity to make sure young people believe that these statement are true for them. For more ideas and resources, click here.

To learn how Project Cornerstone can help you or your organization develop strategies to help youth thrive, click here.

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